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“Twilight”(2008) Movie Trailer

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Now it’s time to take a look at the trailer for the new movie,”Twilight”.I’ve seen alot of coverage on this movie everywhere and after reviewing the trailer I must admit that I’m sucked into the plot of the film. I really wanna know now how this bad boy is gonna play out. Enjoy the trailer.

The Plot: Bella Swan(Kristen Stewart) is a unique girl who has never been interested in fitting in with the so called “in crowd”. Her mother remarries and sends her to live with her Father in a little town called,Forks, Washington where she meets an interesting boy who is different from any other boy she’s ever met. It turns out that he’s a vampire,but not a traditional vampire that sucks blood and has fangs,and apparently he can go out in the day time. He really likes her but the closer they get the more he must fight his primal urges.There’s also more trouble when his mortal vampire enemies come to town and try to attack her. Will he be able to protect her?

Release Date: November 21,2008

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