“Soul Men”(2008) Movie Review

“Soul Men”(2008) Movie Review

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In “Soul Men” a trio singing group called, “The Real Deal” have a couple of hits in the past .Then lead singer,Marcus Hooks(John Legend) decides to persue a solo career leaving the other two members, Louis Hinds(Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd Henderson(Bernie Mac) left to fend for themselves. Marcus goes on to be a musical success while the other two not so much.After a few failed musical attempts, the two break up over a girl and never speak to each other for over 20 years. Louis Hinds becomes a convict and Floyd Henderson becomes a retired car salesman.

  • Then former lead singer, Marcus dies. Louis and Floyd are asked to sing at his funeral. Bitter Louis under the impression that they would be paid to do it head to New York to perform at the legendary Apollo Theatre for their old lead singer’s funeral. They run into a few problems on their way to New York some of which include a wannabe gangsta rapper/weed dealer,Lester(Affion Crockett) who wants to kill them,being thrown in jail, and then breaking out thereby becoming fugitives on the run. Despite all this they are able learn about what happened in the past,settle their 20 year old grudge,and finally make their way to the Apollo stage where they give a brilliant performance in honor of their old lead singer, Marcus Hooks.
  • My take: I thought the movie was extremely funny. Berie Mack was at his best as was Samuel L. Jackson. Also Affion Crockett who played the gangsta rapper wannabe was just absolutely hilarious. He had me crackin up. It’s unfortunate that Bernie is no longer with us,but on a good note this was a good last film for him to leave us with. Two thumbs up all the way.
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    1. Dan Mihaliak says:

      Nice review. I think Im going to go out and rent this one.

    2. pardes says:

      The Real Deal is making there way though. It is a movie have lot of wild blacks inside. I should say it was crying moments for me when Bernie Mac is smiling. I watch all the movies he have act. Out standing performer at the comedy sure it was the real deal he done at last. The way they fights only makes us laugh. Soul Men is a movie that awake our soul. Movie I seen at http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com with lot moments behind.

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