Quantum Of Solace (2008) Movie Review

Quantum Of Solace (2008) Movie Review

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Quantum of Solace kicks off with a high action car chase in Sienna,Italy as James Bond(Daniel Craig) has just captured Mr. White(Jesper Christensen) to try and find out who is responsible for Vesper’s death. After questioning Mr. White the action intensifies yet again with high action foot chases,fight scenes,and bullets being exchanged. Then Bond runs into Camile(Olga Kurylenko), a girl with her own vendetta. She, thinking he’s someone else tells him to get in the car she’s driving which leads Bond to Dominic Greene(Mathieu Amalric) a ruthless businessman who’s trying to get control of the South American water supply from exiled General Medrano(Joaquín Cosio) in exchange for control of the country,Bolivia.


Camile is on a mission to kill Medrano because he killed her family when she was a child.However, just as she’s about to make headway her plans are put on hold due to Bond’s interferance that involves boats and guns. Bond catches up to Dominic at an Austrian Opera house .He intercepts and interrupts private phone negotiations that Dominic is having with other people. It ends with another action scene involving Bond shooting and killing some more people. Bond,after listening in on the conversation realizes that this is much bigger than trying to find out about Vesper’s death.He trys to catch a flight to to follow Dominic’s people,but finds that M(Judi Dench) has deactivated his credit cards because she thinks he’s gone a bit rogue.

Bond seeks out the help of old friends to continue the chase.As he continues his jouney to quinch the plans of Dominic he catches back up with Camile who from then on becomes his partner in crime. After more action scenes that involves bombs exploding,police cops being shot,and fight scenes Bond and Camile help each other get what they want. Camile ends up getting her vengeance while Bond gets to stop Dominic and his dictatorship plans in a very creative way which involves the desert an some motor oil. I won’t give it away, but it’s quite funny when you think about it. Oh, what the hell,I’ll give a little bit of it away.I’ll just say that they find Dominic dead with motor oil in his stomach.

My take :While I didn’t think it was as good as it’s previous installment, Casino Royale it was good in it’s own right. However, thinking about it- they were two different types of films as Casino Royale was more of an introduction and covered alot more interesting scenes. My favorite being the whole poker game scenery.Quatum of Solace was a continuation of the storyline that was left by “Royale”.Quantum also had a much shorter runtime which turned out to be a good thing for this particular film. It did have alot of action and adventure. I don’t really focus on alot the technical details of films as much as others may. As long as it keeps me entertained and awake,the films alright with me. I think that anyone who likes a film with good action,fight scenes,and a pretty good storyline will enjoy this one.

Grade: B


Written by : Andre Braddox at ontheflix

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