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Britney Spears MTV “For The Record” Promo

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This is a new Britney Spears ‘For The Record” Promo spot. A 90 – minute documentary show which will air on MTV November 30,2008 . It will show her explaining what the hell she was thinking when she went through all her drama during the past couple of years. The documentary also shows tons of backstage footage as they follow her everywhere from recording studios,rehearsals,press tours ,and her latest video, “Womanizer”. They also get footage of her in her hometown of Louisiana and her recent Video Music Awards appearance.

The show will air on Sunday November 30,2008 at 10pm eastern time on MTV two days before her “Circus” album is released. How convenient,huh? I wish I could get like a 3rd of the press she gets. This blog would blow up,lol!!

Source : MTV

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