Will Smith Confirms ‘Hancock 2’ Movie Plans

Will Smith Confirms ‘Hancock 2’ Movie Plans

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Will Smith confirmed a couple of days ago on December 4,2008 in an interview about his new movie,”Seven Pounds” with Joblo that there will be a Hancock 2. He went on to explain that there are many unexplored characters in the Hancock universe that would make for a good sequel and that it will be out in a few years. Ha,ha,ha, screw that. I think the real reason for a sequel to this movie is that it grossed about $623 million worldwide,and that Will Smith movies fatten the wallets of movie studios because Hancock was mediocore at best. I mean the film was going ok for the first half of it ,and then they threw in that horrible plot twist with Bateman’s wife being connected to him and it shot the plot straight to hell leaving a sequel to be almost impossible in my opinion.

But, hey money talks and imagination gets to work to make up anything bringing the impossible to life. I can’t hate them for that. If I were a movie studio and I saw that kind of “bank”,I’d probably agree to it also. However a rational mind would say no way,but things aren’t always rational in the world of film especially with all those dollars involved. Also I know people will still go to see it. Heck, even I will still go to see it just out of curiosity as to what they do with the sequel. I guess it just all boils down to human nature and mo’ money,mo’ money,mo’ money.

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