Underworld’s Rhona Mitra is a Budding Action Star

Underworld’s Rhona Mitra is a Budding Action Star

    rhona mitra doomsday movie pic
    Rhona Mitra in “Doomsday”

I posted a small article on Rhona Mitra’s part in the new “UnderWorld: Rise of the Lycons” movie about a month or so ago stating that I wasn’t really feeling her in this role yet. Well, I’ve changed my mind. One reason is because I didn’t quite recognize who she was at the time to tell you the truth. It turns out the other night I decided to download a movie I liked that came out earlier this year back in March to be exact. I had almost forgotten about it. The movie is called, “Doomsday” and guess who plays the starring role. Of course, Rhona Mitra. I was like, “Oh I remember her now;I thought she looked familiar”. So,yeah I think she’s an awesome action star. I really liked her performance in “Doomsday”. She’s a badass chick,and she really kicked some butt in that movie. Not that it really matters what my opinion of her is. I just wanted to get on here and share some more information about Rhona Mitra and also give Google some more content juice.

    rhona mitra underworld movie pic
    Rhona Mitra in Underworld 3 : Rise of The Lycons

In “Doomsday” Rhona played captain Eden Sinclair in which she led an elite group of specialists into a very dangerous underground city after a virus that was believed to be quarantined for three whole decades resurfaces. They go into the city in hopes of retrieving a cure that they think might be located somewhere in the still quarantined country where the city is located. The unit has to battle a series of life threatening situations in a nightmarish wasteland losing members one by one. Eden Sinclair(Rhona Mitra) eventually retrieves what she needs using some badass skills killing numerous virus ridden attackers and slaying a giant gladiator guy twice her size in cold blood. It was awesome. She’s a pure action chick for sure,and I think she was a great replacement choice for Kate Beckensale.

Check out her movie trailer for “Doomsday” below which is currently out on dvd and blue ray disc. Also you can see her trailer for “UnderWorld : Rise of the Lycons” by clicking here.

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  1. Bingkee says:

    But that movie Doomsday was such a bummer–it sucked.Imagine a movie that is like “Mad Max” meets “Knights Tale”. And the eye thing is very hilarious.

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    thanks for the visit…exchange links? let me know on my blog… see you

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