‘Bedtime Stories’ (2008) Movie Review

‘Bedtime Stories’ (2008) Movie Review

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In Disney’s Bedtime Stories Adam Sandler plays Skeeter the son of a motel owner which was bought out by businessman, Barry Nottingham (Richard Griffiths) with a promise to make Skeeter a manager of the hotel one day if he showed some smarts. Now, 20 some odd years later, he’s running it alright as a janitor. Still with the hope alive in his heart he sticks it out thinking that one day Mr. Nottingham will make good on his promise,but it is not to be as he decides to make, Kendall (Guy Pearce) the manager for the new hotel he’s building. Then we jump to the kids and the bedtime stories. Skeeter is asked by Wendy, (Courtney Cox) his sister to help look after her kids alongside Jill ( Keri Russell) while she is away in Phoenix,AZ to look for a new teaching job.

Not really knowing what to do with the kids since he doesn’t know them that well,he quickly rushes them off to bed. They tell him that he needs to read them a bedtime story. He doesn’t like any of the books they have so he decides to make one up . Although the story entails different characters and such,they are symbolic to his current life situations. The kids proceed to contribute to his stories to help move them along.After that, different situations begin to occur that are congruent to the stories he’s been telling the kids. One of the main benefits is that they help him out at his job by giving him an opportunity to compete with Kendall to become the new manager of the hotel.

Skeeter, notices this and quickly begins to try and tell the kids more stories that will help benefit him more,but the kids and best friend,Mickey’s(Russell Brand) quirky contributions to his stories start to alter his successful outcomes. One final bedtime story helped him get the hotel promotion,and then helped him get fired at the same time. The movie then turned another direction in which Skeeter is rushing to help save the kid’s school from being torn down in order to build the new hotel. Successful in that endeavor, it leads to him ending up being able to start his own business and live happily ever after with his newfound love,Jill.

My Take : I thought Adam Sandler did a good job interjecting his humorous comedy while still making it suitable for kids at the same time. The movie was hilarious and Russell Brand had his moments there towards the end by wearing the hawaiian bikini top get up (totally funny). The actual bedtime stories coming to life were a little disappointing because they didn’t magically come to life as I had thought they would. Instead, it was more like a series of events that made it seem like they were coming to life,and some of the bedtime story scenarios were just symbolic of what would happen in real life and not literal.But other than that it was pretty entertaining and funny,and for those of you who have kids,it is definitely kid friendly.

Grade : B

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  1. Hey Andre,

    I put a couple more articles of yours on reddit.com. I think that will generate .0000001 of your goal for a million hits:) This post makes me want to see this film; I am a fan of Guy Pearce since “Ravenous.”

    And yes “Boogeyman 2,” is pretty good and “Boogeyman 3,” a little less so, but both are better than the first.

  2. coolkhush says:

    the movie looks like an entertainer and fun to watch for the kids so im waitin forward to watch it ….

  3. tishabridges says:

    let me tell u that it is one coz i went and watched it it was super col and i have the best review for it …. so just go and watch it ,,…

  4. coolkhush says:

    so tell me which as ur fav scene in the movie ……….

  5. tishabridges says:

    hey the blog is really well writen and ur review was also fantastic …… my fav scen cant say which one coz the movie is doin really well and all the scenes are amazing ……

  6. jessica says:

    the movi ewas good but didnt like it that much ………..

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