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‘Adventureland’ (2009) Movie Trailer & Synopsis

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Hey, that girl, Kristen Stewart who played Bella Swan in “Twilight” is in a new comedy movie called, “Adventureland” along with: Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Martin Starr, Paige Howard. From watching the trailer,it looks like it’s kind of all over the place with some funny scenes,and Kristen Stewart’s character, Elm is sort of a party girl that is a little less uptight and free.Also it has Mr. Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds in it playing the character,Connell. I’m not completely sure what his character does in the film at this time,but you can look for him in it. I think he’s a manager.

The Plot : Adventureland is a comedy film set in 1987 where a recent college graduate, James Brennan(Jesse Eisenberg) quickly finds out the awful reality that having a degree doesn’t guarantee a job. He eventually has to settle for a job at the local amusement park. He learns that it’s not one of the greatest jobs in the world,but it prepares him for his journey into the real world.It’s an adventure ride that involves pool parties,dancing,and bad corn dogs.

Release Date : March 27,2009
Studio: Miramax Films

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