‘Watchmen’ (2009) Movie Review

‘Watchmen’ (2009) Movie Review

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“Watchmen” is a film that is set in 1985 and deals with the threat of a nuclear demise of the world. Edward Blake also known as “The Comedian” engages in an action packed ,but unfortunate losing battle with a mysterious intruder that ends with him being thrown through his balcony window with at least what looked to be a 20 story drop to his death. The plot of this film is kind of shaky at first and as we move through the film we are introduced to the different characters of the film. One of them being Walter Kovacs who’s hero persona is Rorschach. He is investigating some possible murders or something. I’m still not quite sure. I think most of it was in his mind. He was kind of a nut, but he had extremely good fighting skills which are displayed quite often in the film.

It also explores Rorschach’s past. he apparently was picked on as a child and abandoned by his mother so he developed an animosity driven fighting style that can drop the biggest of foes in a blink of an eye which is displayed when he is put in prison in the film. Most of the prisoners where put in there by him so they all wanted a piece,but no one could touch him when they tried to attack. He severely took down anyone who tried. We are also introduced to Laurie Jupiter who’s hero persona is Silk Spectre II. She also has amazing fighting abilities,and a unique relationship with Dr. Manhattan who’s real name is Jon Osterman. They explored how he became Dr. Manhattan in an experiment that went bad which appeared to fry him or something. But afterwards he became the big Muscular Blue Guy who can assemble particles with his mind,travel to mars,teleport,basically it turned him into a god of sorts who can live outside the confines of the physical space and time that we are aware of. He also helps with the nuclear threats by scaring them off with his Godlike powers.

Another hero in this film is Adrian Veidt who’s super hero persona is Ozymandias the smartest man in the world who’s abilities are so great that they come second only to Dr. Manhattan since Manhattan is the only one with any supernatural abilities. Ozymandias, however is untouchable when he fights. No one can really lay a finger on him because of his quickness and quick thinking. He even catches a bullet that’s shot at him. His goal, which he succeeded in doing, was to create a nuclear explosion that killed millions of people,and made to look like Dr. Manhattan did so that the world would come together, and focus their energies on fighting Dr. Manhattan instead of each other thereby eliminating the threat of nuclear demise.

Another hero we see is Dan Dreiberg known as Nite Owl II who can fight well ,and flies around in a space ship looking device. He also teams up with Silk Spectre II, and develops a romantic relationship with her as well. This movie went back in time a lot to explore the history of certain characters in order to explain how their present situation came to be. In a conclusion to the film Dr. Manhattan at first was upset with Adrian / Ozymandias,but after he explained to him that it was for the greater good of mankind that they all ban against an untouchable Dr. Manhattan instead of with each other in order to save the world from destroying itself with nuclear weapons. Dr. Manhattan , then came around to Adrian’s side of thinking and decided to not to tell the truth of what really happened to the world thereby keeping the peace intact.

My Take : I thought this movie was more of an introduction to the many different characters of the film more than anything. Honestly these long drawn out movies really sort of bore me,and I found myself sifting off through the first parts of the film as they started to build up to the interesting stuff. I understand what the film was trying to do in explaining the history and all,but man my eyelids sure didn’t. I was snoring like a baby,lol!!. However, I did manage to stay awake for most of it, and it did have some really good action scenes,and I enjoyed seeing the awesome abilities of Dr. Manhattan.

I also liked Adrian a.k.a. Ozymandias, the smartest man in the world . His abilities were amazing for not having any supernatural powers. I think that for people who like movies that sort of drift back and forth in between plots will like this film. For me personally, I just couldn’t wait for it to end. I like movies that are more straightforward with a plot and stick with it without having to figure out to much. I guess I’m just simple like that. So for me, while the film did have it’s good action moments. Overall I really just couldn’t wait for it to be over. It’s also way to long for me. I usually like for films to be under two hours with the exception of “Benjamin Button” in which the plot was very simple to understand. “Watchmen” does get points for being unique and original though.

Grade : C +

Movie : Watchmen
Release Date : March 6,2009
Studio : Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast : Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson

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