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Sean ‘P Ditty’ Combs in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ Spin Off

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This is more like two stories in one. Yes, there is going to be a spin off to the hit comedy, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Also hit record producer, Sean “P Ditty” Combs will be co-starring in it. The movie is going to be titled, “Get Him to the Greek”. The movie is going to follow the further adventures Russell Brand’s character, Aldous Snow.

He played the rock star who Sarah Marshall started dating after her break up with jingle writer, Peter in “forgetting Sarah Marshall”. His character is extremely funny,and I can see how they could put together a sequel or spin off with him as the main character. Sean “P Ditty” Combs will play a record producer in the film (go figure).

The film’s plot will center on attempts to get Russell Brand’s Character to a concert on time. The fat,funny kid from “Super Bad”, Jonah Hill will also reappear in the follow up film,but his character will be Aaron Greenberg instead of the waiter , Michael which he played in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Jonah Hill is so freakin funny. I first saw him in the movie, “Accepted” alongside Justin Long a couple of years back, and he just had me crackin up.

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