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Souljaboytellem ‘Turn My Swag On’ Music Video & Info

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Music video for Souljaboytellem’s “Turn My Swag On” song. “Turn My Swag On”, is the 2nd single released on Souljaboytellem’s studio album entitled, “iSouljaboytellem”. It was released on January 26, 2009. It was actually released on November 26,2008 on iTunes,and then Officially released in January 2009. “Turn My Swag On”, is Souljaboy’s third most successful single to date.

The music video was directed by Matt Alonzo and filmed at Souljaboy’s estate in Atlanta, GA. It peaked at # 1 on Bet’s 106 & Park Top 10 countdown. “Turn My Swag On” has also peaked at # 19 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts .

This song has a good beat and unique chorus that can really stick in your head .

Artist : Souljaboytellem
Song : Turn My Swag On
Album : iSouljaboytellem
Release Date : December 16,2008 (Album) January 26,2009 (The Single)

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