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More ‘New Moon’ Fanmade Posters Sprout Up, Online

    new moon bella swan movie poster image new moon jane movie poster image

While these are not the official posters from the film, they look damn professional. These are character posters featuring Bella Swan’s character,and Jane the Volturi played by Dakota Fanning. Many of these fanmade posters started spouting up online a couple of months ago,and I must admit it’s really kind of hard to actually tell the real ones from the fake ones.

I’ve seen,and posted a couple of real ones,and there really isn’t that much difference. The Logo and background appear to be pretty sound with the way the studio does them . Heck, maybe the studio should hold a contest for best “New Moon” poster,and feature it or something. I know there would be some pretty stiff competition on that front.

You can see more of these fanmade posters by Clicking Here.

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3 Responses to “More ‘New Moon’ Fanmade Posters Sprout Up, Online”

  1. veronica byrd says:

    I think these fan made posters are very good and they do look like the real posters. i think they should have a contest and which ever fan made poster wins the contest.The poster should be put up at a realse party w/the winner there.

  2. I have to agree with Veronica and you. The posters look like the real deal..hmm..has me thinking:)

  3. (: says:

    If you ask me they look better tan the actual posters. hopever is making them summit should hire tem. There work is way better than who ever is making them atm.

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