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First ‘New Moon’ Clip To Debut At 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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Hey, Twilight Saga fans. This just in. We’re going to get to see some of the first footage of the “New Moon” movie a little bit earlier than anticipated as a new clip from the film will make it’s debut at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards,and that’s not all. Also stars of the film, Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart,and Taylor Lautner will all be there to present the new clip together. What a promotion,huh? It sounds like it will be quite an eventful night.

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The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will air on MTV, Sunday May 31,2009 at 8pm central standard time. So it looks like we won’t have to wait until August 14,2009 after all. But of course that is still when the official full length movie trailer is reported to premier.

On the awards end of things, “Twilight” and Oscar winner “Slumdog Millionaire” both have six nominations each, so it should be interesting to see how these big dawg movies compete head to head that night.Comedian, Andy Samberg will host the show. Also big celebrities : Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester, Cameron Diaz, Lil Wayne,and more will be presenting the awards. Rap star, Eminem is also slated to perform. This is going to be one of the highest rated MTV Movie Awards show ever. I can just feel it.

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One Response to “First ‘New Moon’ Clip To Debut At 2009 MTV Movie Awards”

  1. i wish everyone who did there part in the movie twlight the new moon eclips breaking dawn and if they are still doing the twlight set tour i would love to meet the stars and tell them how i feel about them and how they are dealing with doing the movie new moon and eclips and breaking dawn and i lovw the twlight book from mrs meyer’s but the best one’s i like are new moon eclips breaking dawn it has more passion fighting and laughter of brother and sister and i think the new moon should have come out on the month of hallwen the sceen in the new moon is spooking little creap and sadness trust me you fans out there trust me on what i ment little creapy and averything else butt i love it just the same and to you miss strewart i know you had a hard time doing the film new moon with those nut balls / crazy fans bugging you so much for me i am not like all those crazy fans makeing you anger at 1 point oh yea say hi to mr. taylor for me and have a rocking good time at the mtv movie awards you and every cast who did there point in the movie new moon ok take care.

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