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The Cast of CW’s New ‘Melrose Place’ Give an Interview

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The people over at recently sat down with the entire cast of CW’s new ‘Melrose Place’ to interview them all together. The new cast includes : Katie Cassidy,Colin Egglesfield,Stephanie Jacobsen,Jessica Lucas,Michael Rady,Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (I didn’t even know that was her at first),Shaun Sipos,Laura Leighton, and Thomas Calabro.

In the interview Ashlee explains her character Violet Foster,and how she’s new to “Melrose Place” and doesn’t have any friends yet. At first she’s kid of shy,but then as the show unfolds, she gets kind of manipulative. Then the veteran of “Melrose Place”, Laura Leighton chimes in,and states how she feels special that she was asked to come back to be on the new “Melrose Place”.She says that they have a back story for her character and a future one planned for her as well.

After that, Thomas Calabro who played Michael Mancini on the original “Melrose Place”, states that it’s nice to have job again in this recession. Katie Cassidy, the cute new blonde on the show explains how she was to young to watch the original show when it was on back in the early to late 90’s. Colin Egglesfield stated that back in the day, he would have “Melrose Place” viewing parties,and that everyone would always be talking about the episode the next day. Stephanie Jacobsen said that they pretty much all jell together well as cast,and that overall it’s been really great to work with everyone.

The new “Melrose Place” cast does look pretty interesting,and I didn’t even recognize that was Ashlee Simpson when I first saw the cast. She looks so different now with all that long flowing red hair. You can watch the video interview that gave to the cast by Clicking Here.

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