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CBS ‘Big Brother’ 11 Fantasy Game To Award Winner, $1,000

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It’s almost that time again for CBS’ hit reality show “Big Brother”, the 11th installment. It kicks off on Thursday July 9,2009 at 7pm central time. But CBS has added a new interesting Fantasy Game for the show on it’s Official “Big Brother” Website,and guess what. The winner receives a whopping $1,000 in the form of a check,they clearly state.

The game goes down like this, as stated on their website : “Legal residents of the US, 18 years of age and older, may sign up by entering their name, complete mailing address and email. Pick a name for your BIG BROTHER Fantasy League team and a password. No registrations will be accepted the final week of the promotion period. The end date is subject to scheduling changes. Pick two active BIG BROTHER CONTESTANTS to be on your team. The Bonus Points Questions are a special scoring opportunity (see How Do I Score Points? below). Watch BIG BROTHER 11 each week. Check the site to see how your team did. Results will be posted by 6 pm PT the day following the broadcast. Check the Leaderboards to see how you’re doing. Your team’s standing will appear on the Leaderboard of the group that you’ve been assigned to. If you’ve accumulated enough points, you might also appear on the Overall Leaderboard, which displays the top 100 players in the entire game. If you’re not happy with your team’s performance, you can trade any or all of the BIG BROTHER CONTESTANTS on your roster for the following week, subject to roster freeze times disclosed in Official Rules. If you like your team, you can keep them together. It’s up to you: they’re your team. Keep watching BIG BROTHER and play to the end.”

There is a more detail “questions and answers” section on their website about what all is going to happen in the game, as well as how to play it. You can go straight to that section by Clicking Here.

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  1. […] heard me right, the winner of CBS’s BB11 Fantasy Game will get a thousand bucks! Thanks to OnTheFlix.Com for this lovely little tidbit! What a cool way to have fun with BB AND maybe win some cold hard […]

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