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Another ‘New Moon’ Spoof Movie Trailer Surfaces

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Those Youtube clowns have done it again,and they’ve managed to outdo themselves with this latest “Twilight Saga : New Moon” spoof trailer. The guy who put this up goes by the id petercoffin on Youtube. That’s probably his real name,but I’m not sure. They spoof this trailer really,really good by implementing their voices and lips into each character and scene of the trailer.

I swear it’s gotta be the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen. They make Bella say that she’s pregnant instead of the usual lines. And then they have Edward telling her that he doesn’t want the baby. Towards the end they make Laurence the vampire, a what they call , the “Rastabortionist” with a reggae accent. This video is so nuts. You gotta check it out. These Youtubers really have a lot of free time on their hands.

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