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Twilight Director Talks About ‘New Moon’ & ‘Twilight’

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Catherine Hardwicke gave an interview to Reelzchannel back in March 2009,and she had a lot to say about what went on behind the scenes of the Filming of “Twilight”. She also tells what she thought about them hiring a different director for “New Moon”,and how she felt about it.She tells why she decided to publish her “Twilight” Director’s notebook which features a lot of behind the scenes photos,and interesting info about how the movie was made.

She revealed how sometimes she would stand in for Kristen Stewart on some of the scenes because she would be the only other female on the set. Then she revealed how some of the actors wore her clothes on the set. She said Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria would wear her pants sometimes. Cam Gigandet who played James the vampire, wore her jacket in the film. Kristen Stewart wore her t-shirt in the bedroom kissing scene.

She also said that she thought it was kind of good that they picked a new director for “New Moon” because it’s good to have a new energy,and new take on it to make it exciting. Then to conclude, they went over Catherine’s favorite line in the movie which was when James (Cam Gigandet) the evil tracking vampire said, “You Brought A Snack”.

I like Catherine Hardwicke. She’s seems pretty cool.

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