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CW ‘90210’, Season 2 Spoilers Revealed

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Well, CW’s new “90210” first season was a success in my opinion after starting out kind of slow for me. Things started to pick up. And it ended with an Annie Bang! Now, I’ve just got some info from a couple of sources on what’s going to be going for the upcoming 2nd season. First of all I’ve been told that it’s supposed to start on August 31,2009 which is kind of early compared to most other shows that sometimes wait until October.

All the regular cast members will be returning except for Dustin Miligan who played Ethan. The rest of the regulars include : Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup, Tristan Wilds,AnnaLynne McCord, Rob Estes,Ryan Eggold, Michael Steger,and Lori Loughlin. Jessica Lowndes who plays Adrianna Tate-Duncan and Matt Lanter who plays the new comer Liam Court, will be bumped up to regulars next season.

It’s been reported that Dustin Miligan who plays Ethan will return to wrap up his storyline,and then his character will go away to Lacrosse Camp. The first episode of the season will be entitled “Welcome Back”. Jessica Lowndes has stated that she knows next year is going to start with a whole fresh start. She says, ” The whole season is going to be different. Some storylines might just evolve and disappear, or just reappear”.

” Of course it’s going to change Annie inevitably. She’s going to be a totally different character”. “Annie is going to going through a lot of changes with this character”. Annie’s character is going to be headed down some really dark roads that will affect all the characters. She also said that Erin Silver’s bi polar disease has just begun. She’s headed down a much longer path with it. Also Shenae Grimes who plays Annie says that someone dies on the show,but she doesn’t know who,yet. However, she’s very curious to find out.

That’s all the spoilers we have for now,but I’m sure we’ll be back with some more as soon as they sprout up.

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