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5 More Minutes of ‘New Moon’ Footage & Interviews Released

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Courtesy of “Entertainment Tonight”, we’ve got 5 more minutes of “New Moon” footage & interviews. This clip starts out with scenes that we saw from the official “New Moon” trailer. Then they do an overview of were all the “Twilight Saga” madness began,and show clips from “Twilight.

It shows clips from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards where Kristen and Robert teased us by pretending they were going to kiss,and then pulled out at the last second. They also showed interviews backstage after the event happened. Next they show more behind the scenes footage of “New Moon”. Then it shows an exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson. They also do an interview with Kristen Stewart. It goes into some more behind the scenes footage of when Edward breaks up with Bella.

They reveal more “New Moon” secrets,and Edward is supposed to reveal more of his dark side in the film. Stephanie Meyers also chimes in with more “New Moon” secrets. Then they give another Taylor Lautner interview. Kristen also talks about how much she adores Taylor.,and says he was definitely the right choice for the role. Edward talks about Taylor’s character Jacob Black,and how it’s sucks that he would always be second best to Edward. In conclusion, they ask Kristen if she would choose Jacob or Edward. She giggles,and says that she can’t answer that.

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  1. Unknown Twi-hard says:

    Hey I’m really really not tring to be rude but I think all the Twilighters in the world have seen these clips like a milliom of times…..well at lease I have. Shoot. my hopes were up. If you find anything else Twilight/New moon related, please post more on here, because I love this site but I was very dissapointed w/ this, also when is the new moon teaser trailor #2 coming out? anybody know?

    Contact me-boomboxb50@gmail.com

  2. TWILIGHT FAN says:

    nice onfo on new moon

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