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Alyson Stoner Interviews Taylor Lautner

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Alyson Stoner who’s been in such movies as “Step Up”,”Cheaper by The Dozen 1 and 2″,and the popular kid’s show, “Suite Life of Zack & Cody”, interviewed Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black in “Twilight” and “New Moon” . This interview was from April of 2008 while he was filming “Twilight”.

Alyson asks him about who he is and what he does. He explains that he’s an actor just like Alyson. She jokes and says, “She’s and Actress”. He goes, “Oh, Ok,then I’m a boy actress”. Taylor said he likes to play football for fun,and that he’s done martial arts for seven years. He says he was a four time world champion in martial arts. Alyson jokes that she was a five time martial arts champion. “He’s such an amature”. He said he had to stop martial arts at 13 yrs old so he could get into the acting business.

He then talks about this film he was working on at the time. Some of you might recognize the title of it being “Twilight”, lol!!! Then Alyson Stoner talks about her new Alyson Stoner Project which is a dance instructional video. Taylor jokes that hanging with Alyson was nightmare. Then he quickly takes it back. Taylor also talks about some of the activities they’ve done together. I guess they were hanging out a lot at the time.

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