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Video Of Kristen Stewart on ‘Runaways’ Movie Set Released

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A Youtuber put up a video showing “New Moon”,”Twilight” star Kristen Stewart on the set of her new true life film “The Runaways” where she plays Joan Jett who was the founder of the pioneering all girl band rock group back in the 1970’s. The video shows her running down the street in her full leather Joan Jett outfit. The real Joan Jett is actually coaching her at the start of the running footage,telling her to scream, “Yeah !”

You get a real good behind the scenes look at what goes on when they do these takes. Kristen gets a very good workout as she has to film this running scene a couple of times.Finally on one of the takes, they say “And Cut !” She screams, “Yeah!” And then she does this huge leap and falls to the ground. They go and help her up. It looks like she had lost her footing or something. Then she goes back to do yet another take of the running scene.

After that, she takes what appears to be a smoke break with a friend,and we also see more footage of the real Joan Jett towards the end of the video.

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  1. therese says:

    so what’s gonna happen with her hair for eclipse?

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