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Kristen Stewart Cries After A Joan Jett Attack

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According to New York Daily News, Joan Jett gave Kristen Stewart a really hard time on the set of her new movie “The Runaways”. So hard in fact, that it caused Kristen to burst into tears.

It’s surprising to hear, because Kristen always seems so tough. They said an insider told them that, “Joan just wants Kristen to play an authentic version of herself, so she needled her a little bit too much. But she apologized when she realized how upset Kristen got.They’re like mother and daughter now.”

Kristen is currently playing Joan Jett in the true life “The Runaways” movie about the “Runaways” who were a successful all girl band group from the 70’s that paved the way for other popular all girl band groups to emerge.

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5 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Cries After A Joan Jett Attack”

  1. Twiprincess09 says:

    umm why is Joan Jett a celebrity? like did she run away as a kid or something? is that why the movie is called “The Runaways”?

  2. bryonywire says:

    child ^^^^^^ have you never heard of the band ‘the runaways’ lead singer joan jett??? this whole film is based on the story of joan jett and her band ‘the runaways’
    duh frickin duh

  3. Anonymous says:

    she is very strong teen for her age

  4. hihi says:

    uhm “child” joan jett it not the lead singer og the runaways, its cherry currie :)

  5. Someone says:

    Maybe she is tough outside but very ?eak inside, you would never ever want anyone to know that u r weak, you want them to know u as a strong independent girl and need no help from anyone, but inside, you are really soft and always cry.

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