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American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi Got Hitched

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“In Touch Weekly” reports that American Idol’s latest judge Kara DioGuardi has married her fiancee Mike McCuddy in Prospect Harbor,Maine. The ceremony took place in the United Methodist Church in front of a little over 30 guests.

Apparently Kara has a home in Prospect Harbor and it is where she met her husband. He was a contractor who was working on a home next to hers. McCuddy also has a young daughter so that will make Kara a new stepmom.The two started their honeymoon today.

Kara DioGuardi became the fourth “American Idol” for their 8th Season,and after much speculation as to if she would return for the 9th season, she did end up signing another contract to be on the 9th season show. “American Idol” season 9 auditions are currently underway in select cities.

In other American Idol news, the new American Idols Live! Tour 2009 starts July 7,2009.

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