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Laura Gets Sent Home Packing From ‘Big Brother’ 11

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On the 2nd Big Brother 11 elimination show July 23,2009, they started with a recap of all the events that have taken place this season. They recapped the eviction night,and how pissed Jordan was to go up on the block.

They went over Jeff and Jordan’s relationship in the house. They showed how Laura started to campaign to survive elimination this week. She conveyed to Ronnie how Jordan and Jeff will come after him if Jordan stays in the house.

Then they went over when Ronnie told one lie to many to try and get Russel into trouble which eventually sent the whole house into an emotional frenzy. They showed what we covered the other night when everyone started finding out that Ronnie was lying to everyone which pitted the whole house against him.

Ronnie then barricaded himself in his room the whole time,and whenever he came out Russell would heckle and torture him all day long. They showed Ronnie breaking down and crying in the diary room.

Next, they showed Julie having the secret conversation with Ronnie up in the HOH room.Ronnie revealed what we’ve said happened on the live feeds where five of the group members are actually still on Ronnie’s side. Then Laura and Jordan gave their final speeches before the elimination votes were cast.

After that, each of the house guests cast their vote to evict. With vote of 8-1, Laura was evicted.What’s was weird is that Natalie threw Laura a sympathy vote.I’m not sure why she did that.

After the break, Laura gave her exit interview to Julie Chen. Then they went to the backyard to do the HOH competition. Jessie ended up winning HOH this week so if what we saw on the live feeds is real,Ronnie is going to end up staying for at least another week as they are secretly aligned along with Natalie,Lydia,and Russell.

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The next Big Brother 11 TV show airs Sunday July 26,2009 at 7pm central time on CBS.

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