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Megan Fox Thinks Zac Efron Would Taste Good

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In an interview with Access Hollywood, Megan Fox talked about her new movie coming out this called, “Jennifer’s Body” where she plays a cheerleader who gets possessed by a demon,and starts feeding on guys. She told them there’s a real life guy she’d like to bite into. She said, “Zac Efron. I think he’d taste like a strawberry cupcake.”

She also said that her Comic Con “Transformers” fans will not be disappointed with her new “Jennifer’s Body” film. She stated, “I think this is the perfect fan base. It’s a horror movie, it’s a comedy, there’s lots of blood, there’s lots of gore, there’s lot of lesbian kissing. There’s everything you could possibly hope for in one movie.”

Megan’s next movie project is going to be a movie with Josh Brolin called “Jonah Hex”. She also dispelled rumors that she turned down a role in the next James Bond Film, stating, “I would never pass on a franchise like that.Those are legendary, iconic movies. That’s obviously something I would love to do.”

Megan’s new movie, “Jennifer’s Body” hits theaters September 18,2009

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