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Megan Fox Talks Dirty About ‘Jennifer’s Body’

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Adam B. Vary from EW interviewed (video below) the very candid Megan Fox and some other crew members from her new movie “Jennifer’s Body” at Comic-Con 2009. He asked Megan to describe the Jennifer character.

In short, she said it was about a group of guys that improperly sacrifice Jennifer to Satan because they think she’s a virgin and want a record deal,but she’s really not virgin. Megan said, “She’s not even a “Backdoor” virgin.” It was really hilarious. Megan Fox gives the best interviews.She’s a vary blunt person.

She went on to say, that since her character is improperly sacrificed,she gets possessed by a demon and starts feasting on boys in her high school in order to continue living in her state of undead. Then Dioblo Cody (Screenwriter) talked about what inspired her to write a story like that.

Karyn Kusama (Director) talked about what she wanted to bring to the script,and how she came on board to direct it. They talked about their favorite deaths in the movie. In conclusion, Megan talked about her previous experience at Comic-Con.

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