Nick Cannon Twitters Back At Eminem’s ‘Warning’

Nick Cannon Twitters Back At Eminem’s ‘Warning’

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13 Responses

  1. liar says:

    its obvious nicks scared lol first hes like i will fukin kill you now he goes comon lets talk this out

  2. Tina says:

    Come on Nick you gotta be harder than that! This man is messing with your wife.

  3. mamas says:

    Hahaa little nick. Shouldve started quoting scriptures to your freakin WIFE because she did the same thing eminem did. Idiot.

  4. Dave says:

    Nick is obvious a fag, Eminem Powned his ass

  5. stupid says:

    eminem is just amazing, nick wont do anything

  6. Gavinh says:

    *cough* pussy *cough*

  7. Wize says:

    While I like both Mariah and Em – I think Nick has no choice but to take the high ground – I understand he’s angry at whats been said about his wife and Em – you and mariah are wrong. Don’t listen to these fool calling you names Canon – People like these just want to light a fire and watch it burn!!! They want you or Em to kill each other so they can say – “why didn’t he just walk away” – Thats how people are – SICK – So just leave it alone and it will all just go away in time – we all have baggage and as long as MC is your wife you owe her your devotion and affection – no one else. PEACE!!!! wwjd

  8. Brandon says:

    Nick if you do that your doing exactly what Eminem wants you to

  9. RaeKizzle says:

    OMG he blogged about EM… :O Internet Thug right here boys lolll… waiting for your disney boys to back you up??

  10. Anonymous says:

    once upon a time i was on nothing but some gangsta shit and didnt give a fuck about making shit do what it do; if u hv to prove your man hood its safe to assume you dont have one; dnt prove to the world things of irrelevent; a killer dont annouce hes a killing he just murder ur ass; with that said “as a boy i do boyish things, but when i become a man i do things as a man would do them” didnt quote it exactly but u get my drift. let it rest, n if the time ever come where yall face to face; whatever happens happens. respect yourself and your wife n dnt worry bout what the next person.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Im 100 crazy ova EM music; but i have to say this here situation has went tooo far : yall nigahz deal with emotions like bitches; who cares if she fuck’d u who cares if she tryna act like yall wasnt together; well i guess yall care but u shouldnt . yall just builting eachother career to extreme high so if thats the plan keep up the good work if thats not the plan get a life

  12. anonymous says:

    nick cannon is a total queer

  13. Damn I gotta admit those are some really deep philosophical philosophy/views…I guess both parties have to grow up!

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