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Russell Gets Backdoored,Fights Break Out ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 7

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The POV ceremony is over,and Jeff who won the HOH and POV this week, finally did what he said he was going to. He took Kevin off the Block and put Russell up to sit next to Natalie. So his plans that he had discussed with both Kevin and Natalie, to backdoor Russell are in full effect.

Also Russell didn’t take it well at all . On the live feeds, a big argument broke out between Russell and Jeff. It was very verbally violent.Russell told Jeff that he better win the game,because if he goes to the Jury house,he will mop the floor with him,“and that’s a threat.” Then Jeff said he would f@@ckin lose $500,000 by punching him in the mouth if he continued to threaten him.

He did not back down from angry Russell. They just kept going at it back and forth with the verbal threats. Jeff said “I’ll f@@ckin knock your ass out;I’m not afraid of you.”

Then Jordan got mixed into the fight after Natalie went and got her. She told Russell, “Your Just mad because Jeff got you before you got him,and your ass is gone on Thursday.” Lol !! Go Jordan !

Russell responded, “I’m talking to Jeff. I don’t need to talk to his little sidekick.”

Jeff also said, “You’re not the toughest muther F@@cker on the block. I ‘ll F@@ckin stab you in the neck if you come after me in the jury house.” Kevin and Natalie giggled as they watched on while playing pool.

The fighting eventually calmed down,but if Russell’s does what he’s done in the past, It will definitely start back up again.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Natalie is safe this week because the whole point of Jeff putting Russell on the block, was to backdoor him. So unless Natalie does something very wrong,or is made to look like she’s done something very wrong in the next couple of days, you shouldn’t be surprised by seeing a Russell exit on Thursday night’s live eviction show for week 7.

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The next Big Brother 11 TV show airs Tuesday August 25,2009 at 8pm central time on CBS.

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6 Responses to “Russell Gets Backdoored,Fights Break Out ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 7”

  1. Leo says:

    One of the dumbest moves in BB history. Next week Jeff is gone. We know what Natalie and Kevin are planning (so difficult for Jeff and Jordan to guess, huh?), Michele is mad on Jeff, and Jeff does not play for HOH. Jordan chabces to win HOH are miniscule, so are Jeff’s chanses to survive.

  2. Samuela Etoh says:

    Jeff is the best player next to Jessie, period.

  3. Samuela Etoh says:

    Russel is a disgrace to MMA, UFC…he has no chance against Ken Shamrock, Ortiz etc…he’s too verbal.

  4. Malcolm Ross says:

    Russell should go to the octagon and fight their worst fighter to give him a small chance of surviving, but at the end of the day whoever he gets in the octagon would clean his clock big time. He is just a bag of wind with nothing to back it up with. He is writting checks with his mouth that his fists can’t back up. Loser,

  5. Lynee says:

    How bloody stupid is Jeff. He treats Jordan like she is the dummy, and yet he is falling for the oldest trick in the book. His ego is so swollen after a few wins that it is going to be a large bang when Kev and Gnat send him up on the block.

  6. Dumass says:

    Jeff is so dumb if a fight did broke out with fists i can see Jeff getting knock out like a punk

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