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Russell Said He Wants Jeff To Exit ‘Big Brother’ 11, Next

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Ross Matthews from the “Inside Dish” talked with Russell who was the latest house guest to get evicted from “Big Brother” 11. He talked with him Thursday night, right after he got evicted.He started off by saying the reason why he was there is because he may have told Michele to much information.

He told Ross that the anger he showed in the house was all game play. He said he tried to be a combination of some of the great players like Dan,Evel Dick, Mike Boogie,and Dr. Will. He said playing Evel Dick was the most fun character to play.

He said the reason why he was able to get as far in the game as he did, was because he was such a lone wolf,and it was easier for people to keep him in the game. They watched a video of him before he entered the Big Brother 11 house.

Ross said he thought Russell was the favorite going into the house,but when he started hurting people’s feelings,he started worrying about him. Then they talked about when Jeff said, “You got, got.” Russell agreed,and said that he did get him.

He said he played the angry character because he wanted to invoke emotion out of people. He said people tend to spill the beans when they’re emotional.

Then, Russell answered emails from fans. Ross said he thought his exit was classy. Russell said he tried to play the game up until the last 10 minutes. Then when he was sitting in the chair,he knew it was over.

He said if the high school clicks weren’t a factor in the beginning of the game,he would have tried to align with Michele or Ronnie.He said him losing Chima’s friendship in the game was a big mistake for him,but he got frustrated that Michele wouldn’t tell the truth in front of her.

They talked more about Chima,and Russell said that he thinks that she broke down,mentally in the game because there’s huge psychological warfare going on in there.

Then they played the ” That’s a fact,or a load of crap” game. He said he regretted not finding the Laura banana in his last POV challenge because that would have kept him in the game.

He said he played the game strictly strategically,and tried to get out the strongest players first,which is why he took Ronnie out when he did. He said if Jeff gets evicted,and walks into the jury house, there will not be a fight. He was just trying to get in Jeff’s head during the game.

Then they played the “Rapid Fire” game. He said he wants Jeff to go out next. He said his best move in the house was getting rid of Ronnie. He said his worst mistake was giving Michele to much info. He said he never cares to see Chima again. He said he hopes to remain friends with Jessie. To conclude they gave him a box of his favorite candy.

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