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New ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Promo Features Megan Fox Hot Girl Kiss

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Entertainment Tonight has released an exclusive 20th Century Fox featurette (below) for Megan Fox’s new movie, “Jennifer’s Body.” It starts out with the magical scene with Jennifer (Megan Fox) suggesting to her friend, Needy Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried) that they play a game called “girlfriend,boyfriend” like they used to.

Then the extreme close up of the girl,girl lip lock begins. Oh,and they do talk about other things too. Megan Fox describes her character as the self obsessed girl that everyone knew in high school. She said things get crazy after she gets possessed by a demon.

Then it cuts to the scene,when the band members try and sacrifice her to the demon. Next, it shows another scene of the possessed Jennifer slaying one of her boy victims. Megan said it’s a real original movie,and different than anything she’s seen in the last ten years.

Then it shows an interview clip of Amanda Seyfried describing her character, Needy. She says, Needy has to take matters into her own hands because Jennifer doesn’t exist anymore. The demon has completely taken her over,and nobody believes Needy because she’s the only one who’s seeing it.

The writer for the movie, Diablo Cody comments on Needy’s character. She also said that once they were able to land Megan Fox for the role of Jennifer,that they had a good shot of getting the movie made because of her star power.

It concludes with Megan commenting some more about the film,and it shows that great “I go both ways” clip.

“Jennifer’s Body” hits theaters September 18,2009.

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