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Kevin & Michelle Go Up For Eviction In ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 9

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The Big Brother 11 nomination ceremony for week 9 is over,and Natalie who is the reigning HOH has decided to put Kevin and Natalie up for eviction this week.According to what we’ve seen on the live feeds, Natalie and Kevin are trying to put on a show to fool Jordan and Michele.

Natalie put up Kevin,and all day she was rehearsing her nomination speech with Kevin so that she could make it seem as real as possible as to why she was putting him up. Oh,and she also included a long drawn out mean speech for Michele. One part of the speech actually called her Satan.

I can’t stand Natalie’s self righteous attitude, at this point. Unfortunately she has all the power right now,and could go all the way,but wow,she is the most annoying person at this point. She’s got a real big mouth. Even though it’s just an act with Kevin,it will still come down to POV this week.

If Jordan somehow wins it, then Kevin will probably go home unless he can convince her to vote for him,as the person going home this week, will be dependent on the sole vote of the one person who is not on the block.

Also if Michele wins it, Kevin could still go home because she’ll probably vote for Jordan,unless a deal is struck. So,yeah POV is very important,this week. Everyone needs to be thinking, “win the POV”, accept Natalie,if they want to feel safe this week.

Also it’s reported that Natalie opened Pandora’s Box last night,and said that her boyfriend came in as her reward for opening it. We don’t know if it’s true or not,but she swears it is. She also claimed that he proposed to her. Natalie can’t play in the POV this week,as well, since she opened it. So Kevin must definitely win POV to ensure his safety,this week

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3 Responses to “Kevin & Michelle Go Up For Eviction In ‘Big Brother’ 11 Week 9”

  1. Kim says:

    I don’t know why I love big Brother because most of the time the liars, and cheats win, but I do love it. I really wanted Jeff or Jordan, to win, why can’t the good guys win once in awhile?

  2. Lynn says:

    has anyone ever noticed that natalie looks just like Muffy from the cartoon Arthur???

  3. mark says:

    It’s “REIGNING” NOT “RAINING”……..fuckin’ internet.

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