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Megan Fox Says She’ll Never Be Caught In A Sex Tape

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“Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body” movie star, Megan Fox recently sat down with MTV News,and interviewed with them behind the scenes of Jennifer’s Body. She told them that the public will never have a shot at seeing a Megan Fox sex tape.

She said, “Ugh, never!.That’s the last thing I want to see,what I look like having sex. It would take one shot of me not looking good and I would not be able to have sex ever again, because I would always just see myself looking like a hippo having sex.”

She also said she couldn’t imagine doing nudity in a movie either. She stated, “I can’t ever imagine myself doing nudity in a film,” she said. “It lives forever, especially now, with the Internet. I just can’t. I just can’t.”

She also commented on how upset she was of the semi-nude pictures of her that surfaced in the spring of last year. They were pictures of her in strategically placed pasties and flesh-colored underwear.

She said, “That’s the only thing I have left.That’s what I was saying when I was so upset that day when the photos appeared is people take everything from you when you’re in this business. Your anonymity is stripped from you. They invade every part of your personal life, your relationships. Everything you say gets judged, everything you do gets judged. Literally all I have left are my private parts and I don’t want to also share them with the world. I’d like to keep them private. That’s why they’re called that!”

Megan Fox’s new film, “Jennifer’s Body” hits theaters September 18,2009.

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