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Kanye West Cuts In On Taylor Swift’s Speech At 2009 MTV VMA’s

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Country music star, Taylor Swift won the award for “Best Female Video” tonight at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.It was presented to her by Twilight,New Moon,and Eclipse star, Taylor Lautner and pop singer Shakira.

Taylor went on stage to accept it,and after she said a few words, rapstar Kanye West very rudely cuts in and says “I’m really happy for you. I’m gonna let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” It cut to a shocked Beyonce in the crowd,saying “Oh My Gosh.”

After he gave the mic back to Taylor,everyone just stood there with a shocked look on their face, like WTF just happened. According to reports, I believe that Kanye was removed from the rest of the show. Wow,what a moment. Later on,though, Beyonce made a nice gesture,and let Taylor come up to finish her speech when Beyonce won her award.

It was very sweet. We don’t exactly know why Kanye did that,but it did show him drinking earlier before the show,so that could’ve played a part in it. That combined with him being crazy,pretty much equals out to an action like this.

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10 Responses to “Kanye West Cuts In On Taylor Swift’s Speech At 2009 MTV VMA’s”

  1. bob paul says:

    Kanye should be banned from the VMA’s for life. He complains when he is not recognized for his work but he disrespects others for their accomplishments.

  2. warriorkz says:

    yea, smells like an asshole… stupid asshole…

  3. schlonda says:

    Yall dumb ass hatters that’s what I’m talkin about beyonce has a big heart that’s why god. Is going to be blessed she’s gold yall that’s what kind of person beyonce is and she killed it like she always do and jay-z killed it to keep on be and jay love yall to pecaces real talk

  4. Eddie says:

    Kenya West is a total d-bag.

  5. schlonda says:

    I think that kayne really was shooting at the people who’s hatting on beyonce god is going to keep blessing beyonce I think kayane should have done that but his heart was in the rigth place like wrong place right place maybe he should gave his own speach

  6. Tracie says:

    What’s a dumbass “hatter”? Is it someone who wears a dumbass hat or is it someone who cannot spell hater yet feels they have the right to freely use the word dumbass? Dumbass.

  7. justin jones says:

    lmaoo. Thats funny but i think Kanye West was wrong for what he did but he was right. Name one video of Taylor Swifts that is worth a VMA. Beyonce should of one that award. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

  8. J Ros says:

    Regardless as to who should have won the award, what Kanye did was uncalled for and plain rude. Besides, Beyonce doesn’t need anyone defending her, it’s not like she doesn’t have awards coming out of her ass. I love Beyonce..and really don’t care for Taylor…but the truth is, we have to give new artists a chance…and if Taylor won an award it’s because she is good! Kanye is an asshole.

  9. justin jones says:

    I never said that Kanye was right for what he did. I thought it was rude and uncalled for.

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