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Jordan Wins ‘Big Brother’ 11 Against Natalie, With A Vote Of 5-2

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The 2 hour Big Brother 11 finale show to decide the winner of the $500,000 began with Julie Chen announcing for the first time in Big Brother history,the final HOH would occur on finale night. Then they recapped the entire season of Big Brother 11 from day 1.

Then Julie came back on to announce the festivities of the night. Then they went back and showed what happened after Jordan won the 2nd round HOH contest. They showed all of their diary room sessions,and what their tactics would be from there on out. They showed all the negotiations that went on in the house during the weekend.

After the break, Julie Chen talked with the final three house guests in the living room. They talked about their experiences in the house. Then they showed when Michele entered the jury house,as well as more footage from the jury house.They talked about how Natalie is a dirty little trickster,and watched a dvd of the week Michelle left.

After the next break, the jury debated over the final three contestants and their performance in the house. Jeff and Lydia argued a lot during it,too. After that, Kevin and Jordan finally began their final HOH challenge,which was,of course,a mental one. The game was close,so close,in fact that it came down to a final tie break question,and Jordan won it.

I always kind of new she would pull out an upset at the end,when they decided to take her to the finals. It was a beautiful thing.

After the next break, Natalie and Kevin pleaded their final case to Jordan. Then Jordan decided to evict Kevin and take Natalie to the finals. Kevin gave his exit interview to Julie and watched some goodbye speeches. He then joined the rest of the jury house to decide the winner .

Next, they welcomed back the entire jury house to a standing ovation.They brought Kevin out last,to the surprise of the jury house. Then they questioned Jordan and Natalie as to why they should win Big Brother.

After, that Julie brought up the fact that America could be the deciding vote,as they are the 7th vote this year,since Chima got tossed earlier in the season for acting so crazy.

After the break, Jordan and Natalie pleaded their final case to the jury house. Then the jury house casts their final votes along with statements to the final two. Then Julie locked in America’s vote.

After the break, they brought back Braden,Laura,Ronnie,and Casey who were the first four house guests to get evicted. They showed recaps of their time in the house.

They all commented on the house guests and revealed that Natalie was really 24 years old. They showed the lie that Natalie and Kevin pulled on Jeff about Russell turning on him towards the end.

After the break, Laura commented on Chima leaving the game. She said she was disappointed. Ronnie apologized for calling Michele the worst person he had ever met. They showed some Jessie and Lydia romantic moments.

Jeff said that him and Jordan would see how they worked outside the house,when asked about their relationship. Next, they revealed the votes .Julie pulled out America’s vote first. They voted for Jordan, Jessie voted for Jordan, Lydia voted for Jordan, Russell voted for Natalie, Jeff voted for Jordan, Kevin voted for Natalie, and Michele voted for Jordan. So with a vote of 5-2, Jordan won Big Brother 11 !!!

To conclude the evening, they revealed that Jeff won the $25,000 for America’s favorite house guest.

It was a wonderful season. We here at OnTheFlix enjoyed covering every moment of it for you guys. Stay tuned as we bring you more “Big Brother” 11 interviews,and catch us back here, next year for “Big Brother” 12.

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    iw want kevin to win in big brother 11

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    i want kevin to win

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