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Big Brother 11: More Cast Backyard After Party Interviews

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Ross Matthews from the “Inside Dish” got to interview the most of the cast of “Big Brother” 11 at the after party in the backyard, right after the super Big Brother finale earlier last week,and they finally put the video (below) of it up. Ross talked with Kevin,and showed him, his impersonation of him.

He also talked with Russell for a little bit. Then he talked with Casey,and he is now selling the banana man theme song online. Next, he talked with Natalie who said that saying, she was 18 years old got her to the end because it made people overlook her,thinking she was naive.

She said, she was glad that Jordan won the $500,000,and that she really needed it. She also said she’s indebted to Jordan for taking her to the end. Ross talked with Michele who also had her suspicions about Natalie, not really being 18. He talked with Ronnie who said, he never ever Googled himself because he promised his wife that he wouldn’t.

Then he talked with Jeff. He said he was very proud of Jordan. He talked with Lydia,and she shared some intimate details about Jessie. Then Jessie came over to join the conversation,and brought some more laughs.

Lydia said Michele’s crazy because she was complaining that “Inside Dish” gave her Doritos when she was on the show,but yet she told them that’s what she would miss the most.

To conclude, Ross talked with Allison Grodner, the executive producer of the show. She said she roots more for a great story and season,more so, than a particular person.

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