‘2012’ Movie Delivered Excitement,Anticipation & Suspense

‘2012’ Movie Delivered Excitement,Anticipation & Suspense

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‘2012’ movie delivered excitement,anticipation & suspense. Columbia Pictures unleashed its world destruction movie on us all,this weekend. I just got back from seeing it,and I must say that I personally was not disappointed with it.


Some critics didn’t like it,but I thought it was a freakin blast to watch. The special effects,the plot,and the buildup ,all served their purpose well.

The movie focused on Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who’s a limo driver and a father to two kids that are living with his ex-wife and her surgeon boyfriend. And apparently,he had also written a book.

They all eventually came together as one united family when Jackson finds out the world is about to end, from a eccentric loony named Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson).

Jackson doesn’t believe him at first,however, all the signs started to come to fruition, as the Earth’s crust does indeed start to shift,creating huge cracks in certain places of California.


Becoming aware this, Jackson rents a plane,gets the family,and makes a run for it,just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, more danger awaited, because the whole world was going under water.

Fortunately,the government knew that this event was coming the whole time,and had kept it hidden from the general public to avoid anarchy. They had devised a rescue mission for a certain amount of the population,which Jackson had found out about earlier from crazy Charlie Frost.

So the mission from here on out,was to make it to this rescue attempt before the whole world went under,taking Jackson and his family with him.

Overall, I thought the movie was really exciting to watch. It also had a little comedy surprise in the beginning scenes with Woody Harrelson playing the crazy Charlie Frost, who just loved that the world was coming to an end,and couldn’t wait to be destroyed.


I thought it filled the 2 1/2 hours up pretty good. There was never a boring moment in the film.


Grade : A

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  1. James says:

    A indeed. This movie was a classic.

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