Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Nipple In New Nip Slip Photo

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Nipple In New Nip Slip Photo

    miley cyrus nip slip image

Miley Cyrus shows off her nipple in new nip slip photo. I guess this is the new “in” thing now,as popstar, Miley Cyrus is getting in on the nip slip action. Apparently the other day, she was hanging out at her hotel pool in Miami,Florida. She apparently pulled her top down a little bit,and the string was just barely covering her nipple. She also revealed a new tattoo on her rib cage that read, “Just Breathe.” She was relaxing at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach.

In other Cyrus news, her song, “The Climb” has been picked as the winner song for next week’s final on X-Factor. She also doesn’t like a lot of popular things,as of late. Some of the things are the new “Twilight Saga: New Moon” movie,and Jay-Z songs,even though she sung about it in her “Party in the USA” song.

Her answer for that, was that she didn’t write the song,and it’s not even her style of music,but she’s happy with the success of the song,of course.

You can see the rest of Miley Cyrus’ bikini photos over at Egotastic by Clicking Here.

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49 Responses

  1. for the uncensored pic!

  2. ricardo says:


  3. EddMurr says:


  4. kristin says:

    she is such a diva. grow up.

  5. 2 much 4 me whoah!!!!!!!

  6. Cayla says:

    this is the role model kids are looking up to now?? what has this world come tooooooo!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  7. i found more nipple slip pics of miley!

  8. cesar says:

    wich websites is it on

  9. shary says:

    miley shold not do this i miss her being normal

  10. salad_fingers says:

    is there an un coverd verson of it?

  11. mc says:

    salad, just click on the egotastic link and click on the picture

  12. mr chan says:

    Just so everyone knows, this is total BS. The pic is real, but her nip did not slip. her nip isnt even that high up on her boob. This is one of those stupid pics with fake nip censors, which create the illusion of nudity when in reality, there is none.

  13. hi says:

    whoahh. but she’s like a slut anyways.

  14. Sophnia says:

    u hot girl! wish this wasnt covered! u hot i wish i could hve sex with u right now miley! i think u should think bought kissing a girl miley! i want to c a pic of that

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  17. Natalio Ohanna says:

    Show us more of your hot bod!

  18. Stop being bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are becoming bad like Britney Spears!!!!!! Do you have Bipolar? Stop showing pictures of you!! You are such a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one likes you no more.

  19. Nate says:

    Seriously people get a life…. IT’s a Nipple who the hell cares..? I’m sure if you were famous you’d be photographed doing awkward things as well. Your not famous you have no idea what it’s like so shut it. CCTV is everywhere I bet you a million bucks theres an image out there of you picking your nose, scratching your ass, sniffing your arm or something stupid. Now that being said your lucky I can’t post a picture cuz it would be a GIANT DICK that you all could SUCK. Miley Cyrus is awesome. And her dad is a Great Guy.

  20. denden says:

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    i hate nipple but i like your bathing suite

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  42. andy says:

    I know u idiots don’t read human writing (as is evidenced by your inability to spell anything correctly) but I must say that the ones posting from 22 to 43 are complete and total dumb shits, you need to get your asses back in school and learn something

  43. Dayziah says:

    Thats what she gets to getting to grown! 😛

  44. bradley says:

    you a hot girl :p

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