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Usher,Carrie & More Sang Michael Jackson Tribute At Grammy Awards

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Usher,Carrie Underwood & more sang Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Famous musical artist, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood & Usher took to the 2010 Grammy Awards stage to pay tribute to Michael Jackson in a special 3-D performance of the “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson (clip below).

Singer Lionel Richie came out to introduce all the artists to do their performance of the “Earth Song,” along with Michael Jackson’s voice. It also showed video of the forests footage. Then Celine Dion came out and sang her verse beautifully. Next, Usher came out with his verse and the crowd went wild. Another verse from Michael came on,and then Carrie Underwood made her way out with her verse,and she sang it strong. She has a much stronger voice than I thought.

After Carrie, came another “American Idol” alum in Jennifer Hudson. She sung her verse to the song,then they all joined together to sing the chorus. Then Smokey Robinson came walking up the steps to sing his verse,and eventually joined in for the chorus as well. Next, they all stood there and sang individual verses to the song where again, Carrie Underwood surprised me with her powerful voice. She almost sounded like a soul singer. You go,girl. Their performance ended with a standing ovation. Then Lionel Richie presented the special Michael Jackson “Lifetime Achievement Award” to his kids where they gave a short little speech.

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2 Responses to “Usher,Carrie & More Sang Michael Jackson Tribute At Grammy Awards”

  1. Adejah says:

    this part of the show was really good,but t was very short

  2. mansi arora says:

    Dearest Michael
    My shining star
    why did you go so far?
    You gave us the music divine
    you are my sunshine…
    Your melodious voice
    gives me reasons to rejoice
    all your Tours, Bad, History and Dangerous
    the Message of LOVE you spread through these Tours is contagious.
    May God Bless your Gentle Soul
    you will always live in my heart
    Mansi Arora

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