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Tyson & James Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ 20 In Episode 6

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Tyson Apostol & James Clement got voted off ‘Survivor’ 20 in episode 6. Tonight’s show started off with scenes from episode 5 when Tom Westman got voted off. Then they showed more tribal commentary. Amanda said she was sick of Candice,and thought she needed to go home. Russell decided to have a chit chat with Rob. Rob told him a lot of people were mad that he went looking for the immunity idol,and told him to watch his back. Russell told him to watch his back also.

After the break, they showed more commentary. Jame’s injury was brought up. Then the tribes went to do their immunity challenge. However, the challenge was for individual immunity instead of tribal immunity. Both tribes competed separately in an obstacle course. The first person who finished the obstacle course,won immunity. The “Heroes” tribe went first and Candice won immunity. Next, the Villains did their challenge,and Boston Rob won immunity.

After the immunity challenge, the two winners from each tribe competed in a showdown competition of the same type,but a little tougher. The winner of it, won hot dogs and drinks for their tribe,which they got to eat while watching the other tribes counsel meeting. Boston Rob ended up winning that challenge for the Villains tribe, so they could eat hot dogs,while watching the “Heroes” vote their person off.

After the break, they showed more commentary. Parvati and Russell’s name came up for elimination. Russell promised to give Parvati the immunity idol. Colby thought he was going home for the “Heroes.” James tried to prove to his tribe that he was ok by racing J.T. James lost, but it was close. Russell told Tyson he was voting for Parvati. Then the Villains made their way to their Tribal counsel meeting,talked about the game a bit,and casted their votes.

Russell kept his promise,and used the immunity idol on Parvati,so none of her votes counted. Russell got 2 votes, Parvati got 3 votes, and Tyson got 3 votes. Since none of Parvati’s votes counted, Tyson got voted off. Next, the Heroes came out to have their tribal counsel meeting while the Villains had hot dogs and drinks,and watch them. They talked about the game for a little bit. Then they casted their votes . Colby got 1 vote, James got 4 votes, so James Clement and Tyson Apostol got voted off the island in “Survivor” 20 episode 6.

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