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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Spotted Kissing And Making Out In Public

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato spotted kissing and making out in public. According to, Joe Jonas of the famous “Jonas Brothers” group and his actress/singer girlfriend Demi Lovato were recently spotted at the grocery store yesterday,and they were all smiles as they entertained the camera men by kissing and making out right in the store. They say that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were side-by-side in Hollywood California yesterday.

They went into a Erewhon Foods grocery store to get a little shopping on,and then got their make out session on as well. They also met up with Jordan Pruitt and KSM for an Honor Society event. Later on, Demi Lavota tweeted about how great her day was with Joe. She wrote, “Driving around, dancing like fools, trying to make as many people to smile as we can. Perfect Saturday afternoon.”

They both recently performed a very passionate duet performance on “American Idol” last week,and really have a lot of chemistry onstage and offstage. You can see more of their public make out photos at celebrity-gossip by Clicking Here.

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18 Responses to “Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Spotted Kissing And Making Out In Public”

  1. miss bieber says:

    ohhh, they r so cute and joe look amazing

  2. ashlee says:

    i loooove joe jonas to death. and i used to like her. now i hate her just because she is dating joe. haha.

  3. yulinish says:

    I think that they are just the most perfect couple ever.. they’re super cute together.. Love them 4-ever!!:]]]

  4. robotic says:

    Leave them alone they are perfect together.
    Demi and joe have always looked cute together
    I Love Them Both <3

  5. Anonymous says:

    robotic yoyu fat water retaining seacow they dont look good together joe is to good for fart knocker demi how could you say my man could go with demitria lavoto you are seriously messed up

  6. anonymous2 says:

    okay, all the jemi haters can u plz just back off. the jemi fans have been waiting for this from a long time and it’s very mean for you to just run off your mouths like that.and u guys don’t decide who both of them date. if they want to date each other, they will and u can’t do anything to stop it. to all of u who r praying they will break up, we don’t know, but i hope they don’t becuz not only are they bf and gf , they also have an incredible friendship together. it is so cruel for u to try break it apart. leave demi alone, joe seems to be attracted to her and sees something that clearly u haters dont. leave joe alone, demi clearly likes him back. leave jemi alone!!!!!!!!!! and stop getting into their social lives.

  7. Imou says:

    okay… I don’t hate nor like the couple… I’m just a normal teenager wholikes grossip XD
    I like joe as the singer of jonas but I don’t really like Lovato, because I think, in an objective way, that her acting and singing skills suck big time. I was really pleased, however, when I heared her sing “make a wave”. For the first time, I thought “wow, why did she hide her voice for all these years?” XD
    I hope that, after this, she will be more like… I don’t know, a ‘professional” star?

    Anyway, I’m glad for this couple. they seem happy… but I don’t know why, when I look at the pictures, I kinda see -and maybe it’s my imagination so don’t insult me please- that it’s like a one sided love from demi… maybe I’m exagerating… but we can se clearely that joe didn’t hold her even once in the pics… it was demi who was the touchy-feely… and plus, there isn’t that affectionnate gaze I saw in joe’s eyes when he was with Bella (soooo stupid that woman… >..>
    What do you think? I want to hear your opinions. but please, keep it clean and civilizied XD

  8. anonymous2 says:

    i really love jemi, and yea, i agree with u demi does seem to have the one side love thingy. but with joe, i noticed that too, but u can’t blame him, maybe he dosen’t like showing PDA. but what really suprise me, was that demi was the one to break the jemi news. after she is the one that was crying about all the jemi rumours, saying she is tired of people putting them together, while joe stayed silent.i think joe really likes demi ut he’s just afraid to show it in pulic. with all the attention they r receiving, i hope and pray the press dosen’t reak them up.why do check out their first iterview at jemi

  9. Adri607 says:

    omg joe and bemi are goin out

  10. anonymous2 says:


  11. brizbane says:

    all haters……….hug transformer…….try no [retty sure dt u haters are longing 2 be in demis shoes but 2 bad he wasnt attracted 2 u.sooooooo piss off

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 jemi!!!!!!!! i knew dis day would come!!!!!!!!! GO JEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Alisha Catz says:

    Hail to Jemi!!!!!!!

  14. Christopher says:

    Joe deserves 100,000,000,000,000x better than Demi. I’m sorry but Demi did NOT respect Joe and just announced it herself. Heck if I were Joe and Demi did that I’d be PISSED off. Besides she looks emo, her voice is annoying, she’s not even that gorgeous. My wife is hotter than her. I think Demi is just a bitch in disguise, it’s a really great one too but it’s not fooling me. . .

  15. alex says:

    wow christopher you sooooooooo full of it i bet you don’t have a wife! you bastard!……. anyways joe and demi are right for eachother you saw it come in the first camp rock! so yeah get over it haters! lka chistopher! you @#!&*#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and that means damn ass hole fuck yo mom! and that fack wife of yours

  16. alex says:

    hag all haters are hags!!!!

  17. jEMIloveR says:

    They broke up but theyre friendss.. Maybe….!!!!(duhn duhn duhn playing)

  18. demi lovato says:

    to very upset with you christopher obliged for your opinion

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