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Nicole Scherzinger Spotted Taking A ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Break

Nicole Scherzinger spotted taking a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ break. According to, my favorite Pussycat Doll and recent celebrity contestant on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” was spotted out and about,outside the ABC TV studio,while taking a break from dance rehearsals two days ago. Nicole looked really great,sporting a black tank top with black workout pants, while walking around.

Nicole is teamed up with dance pro Derek Hough,and there has been some serious rumors floating around that they might be hooking up,but Nicole recently shot them down on her “Twitter” page. She said she’s very committed to her boyfriend,writing, “Been reading the net and seeing the craziest stories. Hough is like a little brother to me. Everyone knows how in love and committed I am to Hamilton.”

Nicole and Derek recently got the only perfect score of 10 from two of the judges this season,a couple of weeks ago,so they are doing very well on the show. I believe Nicole’s ability to pick up dance moves quickly is a real great advantage for her in this competition. You can see more Nicole Scherzinger rehearsal break photos at celebrity-gossip by Clicking Here.

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2 Responses to “Nicole Scherzinger Spotted Taking A ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Break”

  1. Ahrean says:

    While I think Nicole is fantastic, I don’t think she should’ve been let on DWTS simply because she has a strong background in dance. Even if it isn’t ballroom dancing, her prior training gives her a CLEAR advantage in the competition and I thought the show itself was supposed to be about celebs who don’t have a strong dance background learning to dance.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I also do not think that Nicole should of been allowed on DWTS. She has a background in dance, and from day 1 you could see how much better she was then the others. Ahrean is saying everything I feel also. I actually don’t watch the show anymore, because its obvious who is the best

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