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James J.T. Thomas Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ 20 In Episode 10

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James J.T. Thomas got voted off “Survivor” 20 in episode 10 in an amazing twist. The show started off with scenes from last weeks episode when they finally got rid of Courtney Yates. Then they showed more commentary. Russell and his group made plans to get rid of J.T. After the break, the two tribes merged,and J.T. thought that both Russell and Parvati played their immunity idols when he saw Russell and Parvati come over.

Parvati said she was offended by how the “Heroes” are treating her,and that she’ll pick them off,one by one. Russell continued to make J.T. and the rest of the “Heroes” think that he was onboard with them. Sandra told Rupert that Russell is really playing them,and that he lied about Parvati using her immunity idol at the previous counsel meeting. Rupert started to get suspicious of Russell. Rupert told the rest of the ‘Heroes” that he was skeptical of Russell. J.T. refused to believe that Russell was lying.

Amanda told Parvati that the “Heroes” wanted her out. Then Parvati told her she had another idol. Next, they went to their individual immunity challenge. It consisted of everyone holding on to a pole as long as they could with hand and foot holds. The last one holding on,won immunity. Danielle ended up winning immunity after Parvati decided to bow out,which made Rupert even more suspicious that she still had an immunity idol. Russell gave Parvati his immunity idol,not knowing she already had one of her own. Amanda told Parvati to play her immunity idol.

Then they made their way to the counsel meeting,talked about the game for a bit,and then casted their votes. Before the votes were read, Parvati gave Jerri and Sandra both of her immunity idols at the last minute,and they both played them. J.T.got 3 votes,Jerri got 5 votes. However, since Jerri played the immunity idol that Parvati gave her,none of the 5 votes against her counted,meaning J.T. got played by Russell & Parvati,and sent home from “Survivor” 20 Heroes vs. Villains. Damn, that was good. Also, J.T. congratulated Russell on a game well played. Of course, he didn’t really have any other choice.

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