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Lost Ep 17 & 18 Spoilers: Jack Gets Nosebleed,May End Up In Hell & More

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Jack gets a nosebleed,may end up in Hell & more in ABC’s “Lost” episode 17 & 18. We’ve got some possible spoilers for the episode,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, “The End,” and it’s the series finale of the show. The spoilers that we’ve acquired for this episode are a mixture of several alternate endings that the producers have come up with. Any of these spoilers could happen or not happen. We’ve also included spoilers from a “Lost” call sheet that a crew member left at a restaurant in Honolulu. At the very least, these spoilers will give you some idea of what will happen in the big 2-hour season finale of “Lost.”

In “The End” episode, everyone will find themselves back on Oceanic 8:15, which will crash immediately on top of a cliff face in Italy. While it teeters over the edge,Charlie will say, “hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great deal.” Richard will finally discover the magic needed to fly back to his own time,dissolving into the past in the middle of a lake as a teary-eyed Ben looks on.

Hurley will try to drive everyone off the island in the DHARMA bus. However, someone will shout, “Look out! Cliff!” Then they will drive through a billboard advertising. Cliff Richard will crash into that cave with all their names written on the roof. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley will go over the top to face the advancing Smoke Monster. The screen will dissolve into an image of a poppy field,with a maudlin piano version of that maudlin piano music from the end titles.

The Six O’Clock Whistle will sound,and they will all start dancing. Jacob is revealed to have been a sledge the whole time. Someone will pull the plug out in the last remaining DHARMA station. Then the sky will go black and sort of beige, and the legend “(c) 1982 Sinclair Research Ltd.” will appear. Skeleton props are mentioned in the call sheet. People being lowered into waterfalls is mentioned. The girls will go on a rope-climbing adventure that involves water and light. Jack is consumed by that water and light. Jack will get a nosebleed. Jack being in Hell is also mentioned in the finale call sheet. “Lost” episode 17 & 18 of season 6 airs Tuesday May 23 at 8pm central time on ABC.

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