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ABC Canceled Scrubs,Flash Forward TV Shows & More

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ABC canceled Scrubs,Flash Forward TV shows & more. According to “Entertainment Weekly,” ABC has decided to cancel the long-running “Scrubs” TV show. They also decided to cancel a couple of new shows,which include: FlashForward and Alyssa Milano’s new show “Romantically Challenged.” They also canceled the “Better Off Ted” show.

Wow, that Alyssa Milano show didn’t even get out of the box before it got canceled. Geez, these networks don’t even appear to give news shows a chance anymore. And I guess Scrubs had ran its course after being on the air for 9 long seasons. It was questionable last year if they would get a 9th season,so they were lucky to even be on this long.

The “FlashForward” show got a lot of hype last year,before it even premiered,but I guess the delivered product didn’t quite measure up to ABC’s rating standard. “Better Off Ted” was another new show,which I never watched. Apparently, it was a show that couldn’t meet ABC’s high standard for ratings right out of the box either. Stay tuned for more TV show news. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here.

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