Top Critics Gave ‘The A-Team’ Movie Average Rating Reviews

Top Critics Gave ‘The A-Team’ Movie Average Rating Reviews

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Top Critics gave ‘The A-Team’ movie average rating reviews. 20th Century Fox released their new action/adventure flick “The A-Team” into theaters today,and the top movie critics in the business didn’t seem to be to impressed with it. Some of them thought it was just good with a couple of Bs,but the others gave it Cs and Ds for pretty average rating reviews overall. It stars: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson, and Gerald McRane.

Wesley Morris at the Boston Globe gave it a C-. He said, the “A team not worth reassembling.” Roger Ebert over at the Chicago Sun-Times gave it another C- rating. He stated, it was “an incomprehensible mess.”

Michael Phillips at the Chicago Tribune gave it a B- rating. He said,it was “frequently entertaining.” Bill Gibron at gave it a pretty good B+ rating. He said, it “develops a ditzy rhythm all its own.”

Kirk Honeycutt at the Hollywood Reporter gave it a bad D rating. He said, “The film seems nearly writer-free. Absolutely no time gets wasted on story, character development or logic.”

Claudia Puig over at USA Today gave it a D+. She said, “there’s nothing exciting about this awful, over-the-top reboot.” “The A-Team” movie is in theaters now. You can read more movie reviews at Yahoo! movies by Clicking Here.

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