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Big Brother 12 Kristen Talks Hayden Romance,Eating Spiders & More

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Big Brother 12 Kristen talks Hayden romance,eating spiders & more. CBS caught up to the very cool and beautiful Kristen Bitting who just missed making the Big Brother 12 jury house. She said, “It was what I imagined it to be,but intensified. When I first walked in the house, I was like I’m gonna be outgoing and likable,but I also am not gonna make friends,probably.

I’m not gonna get in a showmance. I’m just gonna do me,be independent,make moves when I have to make moves,and align myself with the right people at the right time. It’s not that easy! It doesn’t work that way. You have to pay attention to the dynamics of the group,and this season, it was whoever is gonna be friends with the most people is gonna make it the farthest.”

Next, she stated, “The toughest aspect of the game is that I like to believe people,and I like to believe that people are sincere when they’re talking to me and that you never know when somebody’s lying to you or not telling you everything. I was a victim of that,so that was the hardest part of the game,and that’s ultimately why I didn’t survive the whole way through.”

After that,she went on to comment on Matt’s lie being a big shock because she was kind of on to the Brigade alliance. She said she was happy that Hayden won because she always knew he was a competitor,and that’s what drew her to him.

Then she commented on their possible romance. She stated, “There’s something, whatever it’s gonna be. Whether it’s a friendship or more than that. I think that we had far too much of a connection to just let it go to waste.”

Finally,she revealed her favorite memory in the house being the spider eating,and gave a little advice to future contestants. Check it out in the clip,below. Follow us on Facebook for more Big Brother 12 news,backyard interviews,and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Shows and Movies on dvd or blue ray disc by Clicking Here.

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