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One Tree Hill Spoiler: Lucas & Peyton To Return In Season 8

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Lucas & Peyton to return in season 8 in this new One Tree Hill season 8 spoiler. According to E! Online, characters Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) are definitely in talks to return to the show sometime this season. However,nothing is set in stone at this point.

They say their sources have revealed that their original plan was to have Lucas and Peyton return as a happy family,along with a baby to attend Brooke’s two-episode wedding during the original 13 episode order. However, the CW extended the show out to 19 episodes,so they may return at a later time.

Mark Schwahn who is the producer of One Tree Hill, revealed that everyone is interested in their return. He stated, “If schedules don’t work for Brooke’s wedding, maybe we’ll bring back Chad and Hilarie at a later date. If we get a full season maybe at the end of the journey, but those two characters are a big part of this world. We’ve talked about it, and there seems to be interest from all sides.”

He also revealed that there aren’t any past actors who aren’t invited back to the show,stating, “We’ve never parted ways with anyone with any animosity. We’ve had such a large cast and we’ve been on for so long, but there’s not one actor that is not invited back or unwilling to come back.” Follow us on Facebook for more One Tree Hill news,spoilers,and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Shows and Movies on dvd or blue ray disc by Clicking Here.

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7 Responses to “One Tree Hill Spoiler: Lucas & Peyton To Return In Season 8”

  1. thomas says:

    On attendais cela depuis un moment

  2. danielle says:

    ya i love lucas and peyton i am so happy that they are coming back

  3. ILoveHilarieB says:

    Oh I so hope it’s true that are coming back, even for the finale would be great. As long as the writers don’t stir up any drama for them it will be perfect. The love that Peyton and Lucas share is unbreakable, the writers need to keep that when they come back. I miss seeing the love they shared. Hilarie and CMM were such great actors they sizzled the screen with chemistry. They also need to give them a hot lovemaking scene lol, we were so ripped off on that one.

  4. miranda says:

    I hope Lucas and Peyton make an appearance for Brooke’s wedding and again at the end of the season. It would be so weird for Brooke to get married without them. They are both such a big part of her life! But they should also come back at the end just to end the show with all of them together!

  5. ness says:

    i think brooke and lucas should get back together

  6. iloveLeyton says:

    I love lucas and Peyton, and I hope they come back and participate in some episodes, and if there is a season nine, they are in it all the time:) <3

  7. tash says:

    love CMM the show lost something when he left.

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