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Supernatural Season 7 Spoilers: Castiel Transformation Explored & More

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Castiel transformation explored & more in this new set of Supernatural season 7 spoilers. TV Line recently chatted with Supernatural executive producer Sera Gamble,and she spilled a few spoiler teasers about what they’ll be working on for season 7,and it includes further exploring Castiel’s God transformation. However, we’ll see less of Castiel as a consequence.

Sere explained that when it comes to Supernatural, their philosophy is that everyone moves in and out,and weaves in and out of the story except for Sam and Dean. She went on to say that they love Misha and his character Castiel,and they developed his character to this unexpected direction because they are very inspired by him.

Sera described Castiel as being transformed,and that’s what they will explore in season 7. However, this calls for such a big change that more of the focus will be taken off of Castiel and the things going on in Heaven.

There will still be angel stories,but they will be more self-enclosed. Right now, they feel that the scope of the show and their storyline will be best accomplished by focusing more on Dean and Sam. Castiel will return in the season 7 premiere episode,but the frequency of his presence on the show after that, is still up in the air.

Sera couldn’t really give more than that away as it would give too much information about the season 7 premiere episode. Follow us on Facebook for more Supernatural news,spoilers,and more by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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3 Responses to “Supernatural Season 7 Spoilers: Castiel Transformation Explored & More”

  1. Tim says:

    It would be “Except Sam and Dean” not “Accept Sam and Dean”

    It really is going to suck losing Cas/Misha though. I hate it, he has a chance to develop an epic arc and they prob will only keep for the premiere and maybe one or two other episodes. It sucks! he’s one of my favorites and i hate that we are losing him

  2. Angelus says:

    I sure hope there is an Old God to New God confrontation sometime during Season 7. And I hope it is not as ‘finger-snapping’ quick as was the confrontation between Rafael and Cas. I also hope they answer the question about why Cas was brought back after Micheal had destroyed him in last season’s finale. Was it God who brought him back, and why? I have so many expectations from Season 7. I sure hope I am not let down.

  3. steffy says:

    I think that chuck was originally God… even taking cass out i hope this season will be as good as all the others

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