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Producer Revealed New ‘True Blood’ Season 4 Power Witches Spoilers

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Producer revealed new ‘True Blood’ season 4 power witches spoilers. The Daily Beast recently chatted with HBO,True Blood producer Alan Ball,and he revealed a couple of interesting spoilers,involving the new witch threat,how powerful they really are,and more.

He said that the coven of witches are going to be at the center of the storyline,and the vampires will have their weapons taken from them. He went on to say that there’s going to a be a funny moment later on in the season where the vamps will have to resort to conventional weapons because their powers are very effectively taken from them. Also, the season is going to be a touch more romantic than the previous seasons. “It’s a real love story.”

Alan also went on to reveal that we’ll get to see a pack of werewolves that aren’t outlaw,vampire blood-addicted. They’re just regular,middle-class NASCAR,race-going, country music-listening, suburban werewolves. They will just try to keep the emotional lives front and center,while keeping the supernatural stuff interesting and new,honoring the mythology.

Finally,he revealed his pattern of producing True Blood by saying,”I have a rule of thumb. Once people come together and they’re happy, they get one episode of happiness before we blow it all to hell.” Follow us on Facebook for more True Blood news,spoilers,and more by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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