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Big Brother 13 Eliminated Brendon Tonight & Kalia Won Hoh For Week 5

Big Brother 13 eliminated Brendon tonight & Kalia won Hoh for week 5.

In tonight’s live eviction show,they showed past scenes from this week. Then Julie Chen came on to deliver a brief recap,and showed more house footage from this week. Brendon revealed that it was a no-brainer to save Rachel instead of himself. Of course, Daniele was elated to be able to get rid of Brendon.

Rachel cried and sobbed some more in the Diary room and to Brendon. Rachel also expressed how sad she was that Brendon was leaving. It made me nauseous. Jeff couldn’t stand the thought of having to deal with Rachel. Rachel and Brendon tried to plot a plan to get votes from the newbies to keep Brendon in. Porsche said she would vote for Brendon to please Rachel. Then they tried to squeeze a vote out of Adam by promising him safety in the coming weeks.

Daniele tried to make a deal to bring Porsche to her side. At one point, Porsche even tried to lecture Rachel on getting rid of the “sad act” routine because it’s making people uncomfortable. Then Rachel stormed off in a hissy fit,which made Porsche upset,saying, she can’t help her now.

Next, Brendon had to calm Rachel down again while she continued tear herself down emotionally. After the break, Julie talked live with the contestants about the game. Then they showed a special video segment with Evel Dick talking about Daniele’s bad game play last week. He basically said she has a lot of ground to make up for trying to turn on the vet alliance so quickly in the game. They also showed scenes from him and Dani’s season 8.

After the break, Julie talked alone with Daniele in the Hoh room,and she fessed up to making the big move too soon,but kept a positive attitude about everything. Then nominees Brendon and Jordan said a few words. After that, everyone casts their votes. Jeff,Adam,Lawon,Kalia,and Shelly voted to evict Brendon,and Rachel,Porsche voted to evict Jordan. So, with a vote of 5-2, Brendon got evicted from Big Brother 13 tonight,whoo hoo!

After that, Brendon talked with Julie Chen for a bit,and watched houseguests goodbye messages. Then Julie revealed the new twist in the game,which is,one of the evicted houseguests so far,will have a chance to re-enter the house. Basically, you guys can vote to send Keith,Cassi,Dominic,or Brendon back into the house by Clicking here . Whoever wins,will battle the next evicted houseguest to get back into the house.

After the break, the houseguests competed for HOH. It was a quiz competition. Kalia did a very good job of setting up Rachel to get ousted early on. Then it came down to Kalia & Shelly,and Kalia ended up winning the damn thing. You go girl!!! Finally,a newbie got some power in the game,and she appears to be on Daniele’s side,so it’s looking good right now. Stay tuned.

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